Custom T-Shirt Columbia MO

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We are well aware of the fact that trying to figure out which one of the many Columbia MO. screen printing companies can be somewhat overwhelming to say the least. It usually starts by putting in a relevant search term on one of the major search engines which then takes you to a landing page with up to 15 different choices. Let's assume that if they are on the first page, then they are all going to have a quality website, otherwise they wouldn't be there. We are all aware that with today's web presence and social media, that even a 18 year old kid working from his kitchen table in his pajamas can convey the perception of being anything they want you to think they are. In other words it can potentially be just smoke and mirrors. When it comes to trying to navigate to the overwhelming choices of Columbia MO. T-shirt printing company websites, there is a lot to consider besides just a flashy looking homepage. Here is a little food for thought, pick up the phone and call them. Did they actually answer or were you directed to a voice mail? If they didn't receive your telephone call when they think that you might potentially be a customer, then how much less likely are they to be there in the event that there is a potential problem? We understand that nobody is perfect and anyone can make a mistake, but the difference between one custom screen printing and embroidery company and another is simply the way they handle it. It all starts with a prompt response. Here's an example, let's just say that you needed to receive your custom tee shirts for a time sensitive event out of town on Tuesday afternoon. Your product is delivered on Friday morning which is good, but there is a problem. You then pick up the phone and call the custom embroidery firm who processed the order. The problem is that nobody answered when you called so you are forced to leave a message on the voice mail. Nobody even checked the messages till Monday morning so there is no time to try and fix the problem. Again we're not saying that we're infallible. We are just trying to make the point that we are accessible, and a huge part of addressing a potential problem is a quick and timely response. Today's technology has lent itself to taking the human element out of doing business.

So many of our Columbia Mo. digital T-shirt printing competitors have gone the way of an automated bidding tool. You just upload the image along with the quantities required and it automatically submits a quote. We on the other hand are old-school and believe that the more insight we can acquire about you and what you are needing, the better chance we have of coming up with reasonable solutions in order to offset any challenges that you might be incurring including time sensitivity and a limited budget. We believe that there is no substitute for human interaction and audible communication.