Customer Service

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I can remember growing up looking at a black and white television that was the size of the dresser and there were only five channels to choose from. One day I went over to a neighbor's house to watch cartoons and they got this brand new device that allowed you to sit on the couch and change the channel without having to physically stand up walk over to the television and turn it. I thought that was the most amazing thing. I can also remember going to my dads pharmacy and noticing that he got this extra long phone cord which allowed them the freedom of being able to walk up to 12 feet away and still be able to have a conversation. At the time that seemed to be cutting-edge technology and I remember thinking this is a great time to be alive.

Modern technology has significantly impacted every part of our lives and the custom screen printing and embroidery industry is no exception to that rule. It has enabled us to replicate the most complex pieces of artwork onto a T-shirt in a matter of minutes along with precision registration in contrast to what used to require long hours of color separations. We have access to embroidery machines that can sew up to 800 stitches per minute. Along with all these wonderful modern day advantages, when it comes to T-shirt printing production, there seems to also be a downside. Many businesses, not just in the silk screening industry but almost every sector of our economy, have attempted to take the human element out of customer service. It seems that receiving a voice mail when you try to call someone is more the norm than it is the exception.

So many of our competitors have gone the way of automatic quote tools in order to avoid having an actual company representative speak with you. Our approach has been to embrace the best of what science has brought us, but to also hold on to the traditional values when it comes to offering superior customer service. We understand that when you do a relevant search for T-shirt printing Columbia MO you have a lot of different choices. Therefore we have have to find a way to set ourselves apart from the rest of the Columbia MO screen printing companies in our industry. We believe it all starts with having a real human being answer our telephone when you call. We want to find out what you're trying to accomplish along with any potential limitations you might be dealing with in order to figure out viable and practical solutions to offset those challenges. Here is a little food for thought. If a digital T-shirt printing company doesn't answer their phone when they think you might be a buyer, then how much less likely when somebody does take your call in the event that there is a problem? We all know that nobody is perfect and if a potential problem does arise, then the first step would be to address it immediately. If you are forced to send an e-mail or leave a voice mail, then it might be 24 to 48 hours before anybody even retrieves that message, especially if they're closed over the weekend.

Please give us a call the next time you're in the market for custom screen printing or digital T-shirt printing applications. We will prove to you that we have the right approach not only for any current project that might be pending, but for making you a repeat customer for years to come.