A Heartfelt Note to All Fundraisers

Here's an idea. Give us a call and inquire if we might consider getting involved with partial sponsorship for your next fund raising event?

At T-Shirt Columbia, were a producer of custom screen printing and embroidery on textiles for many Midwestern corporations and organizations in Colombia Mo. area.

I continue to remain dedicated to meeting the needs of those who work towards improving this city through custom screen printing and embroidery on tee shirts, and custom polo's.

Many organizations that are tiring to raise money are confronting new challenges and that means having to come up with new strategies. If you are an organization that is based in, or close to the Columbia Mo. area very serious about tying to raise funds, then you should really pick up your phone and start dialing.

It never hurts to at least talk about it. It couldn't hurt a thing.

T-Shirt Columbia Mo. would be a great choice when it comes to your apparel for company uniforms and for your ball team or event.

Image isn't every thing but it sure means a lot.

What we do on an every day basis is unparalleled when it come to showing off your logo and promoting your image.

Communication is a huge part of most successful endeavors. At least that's the way we feel. So lets sit down and start talking. When you put your trust in our ability to cater to your custom screen printing and embroidery requirements, you can be quite sure you have made a great choice. Why is that?

Here are just a few reasons.

To start with we believe in our ability to to bend and not break.

We understand that a small screen printing or embroidery job is most likely going to be just as important to the over all success of a small organization as a big company's order is going to be to them. It's all just relative. Were very aware that it's by paying close attention to the small things that are going make the difference . Our approach to doing business is going to be consistent regardless of dollar amount spent.

Its not just the big things that count but it;s the small issues that mean so much!

Our great customer service not only sets a gold standard, but its our many years of experience of our custom screen printing staff.

Believe it or not this is not the norm in the screen printing and the embroidery industry.

Our customers are encouraged to compare our prices to at least 3 of our competitors in order that they can understand that they are going to be getting the very best over all value.

Our policy will allow us to adjust our prices to insure a mutually beneficial arrangement for every one that is involved.

T-Shirt Colombia Mo. will not only consider the possibility of working with you as partial sponsor but is more then willing to sit down with you in order to come up with new ideas as well as solutions to issues like your limited budget and other challenges that might present them selves.

We would like to talk to you and your team so that we can clearly identify your objectives in an attempt to identify your goals and put together a pricing schedule to accommodate your limited resources.


Mike Fadem,
Owner, T-Shirt Columbia MO