More Food For Thought

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Unlike most of our competitors websites that start out with an About Us page, I think it's equally important to convey what sets us apart from every other Columbia MO T-shirt printing company. Therefore, this page is dedicated to what we are not. For example, we are not a business that does not answer their phone. Technology has impacted every sector of our lives and as a result has taken the human element out of the equation when it comes to doing business. Many of the Columbia MO screen printing companies rely on a voice mail system that as you to leave a message and somebody will call you back. If that has been your experience, then that should send up a big red flag. Think about it. If the business doesn't answer the phone when they think that you are a potential customer, then how much less likely would they be willing to answer the telephone in the event that there is a potential problem? We understand that nobody is perfect and anyone can make a mistake. But the difference that differentiates one T-shirt printing company from another is the way that they handle it. A quick response is the first step towards making something right and if your message is sitting in a voice mail for hours and that further delays a quick response. Many of our competitors use an automatic bidding tool on their website which again removes the human element out of the equation. On the other hand, we take the approach of urging our potential customers to call us in order that we can discuss all of the specific details that are associated with this order. We realize that each person that we deal with has similar needs, but at the same time every piece of artwork is going to be unique unto itself and needs to be addressed individually.

We also understand that there are often circumstances as well as challenges involved such as dealing with a limited budget or perhaps addressing an event that is time sensitive. It's really quite simple, the more we know about you and what you're trying to accomplish, the better chance we have of coming up with the right plan of action to offset your limited resources.

Another example of what sets us apart from the rest of the custom embroidery and digital T-shirt printing companies is the way we go about production. We address each and every tee shirt order the same regardless of size or the dollar amount being spent. We follow a strict system of checks and balances throughout the production process from start to finish. We provide our customers with a virtual example of their logo on the type of garment that it is going on. Although this takes extra time, it helps to ensure that everything is going to be spelled correctly and laid out exactly the way you like it before we actually ever go to press. This helps to make sure that there will not be any bad surprises when the job is done and you go to open up a box of completed product. That is definitely the wrong time to ask you how you like them. We live and die on the repeat order as well as the good referral. Therefore we take great pride in our work and try very hard to work out a scenario where you will be as comfortable acquiring your custom embroidery from us as we are providing it for you. We just consider that to be good business and if we did our job well done the repeat orders will simply take care of themselves. We're so confident in our ability to give you the best overall value possible that we encourage you to acquire up to three other quotes from our Columbia MO T-shirt printing competitors. After all, how would you know you're getting the very strongest deal possible unless you have something else to compare it to. It's been our experience that a repeat customer is much easier to deal with than a first-time custom. They are already confident in our ability to process the job with excellence as well as get it done in time. We also archive the old films that were used on the initial order and can reuse them at no charge as long as the logo did not change.

We're aware that when it comes to shopping for custom screen printing, digital applications, silk screening, and embroidery you have many different choices. Call us up and talk to one of our representatives and let us prove to you that we have the right approach towards offsetting any potential challenges you may be dealing with in order to get the best overall value possible.