T-Shirt Columbia MO Questions & Answers

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  • Why should we decide to choose your company over your competition?

There are many reasons why you would pick us over our competition. Please allow me to list just a few. The most important reason is probably because of the way we go about processing your order. After years and years of experience, we have adopted a method of doing things, with many checks and balances in order to make sure that mistakes are minimized. For example, before we actually start to embroider or silk screen your apparel, we will provide you with a virtual proof of your image on the desired shirt that you picked from our website.

This process will ensure that the image is not only screen printed or sewn in the right color, but it will also ensure that it is the correct size, as well as placed in the correct location.

This is done before we even burn the screens.

If the local does happen to need editing, it is not a big deal at this point.

Once we are given the okay. we then start the process of making the color separations as well as the films.

Once the films are established we then burned the screens. Once the job is in the press, we actually take the extra time to run the first tee shirt and take it off the press and take a picture of it.

The picture is then e-mailed to you so that you can view it and make sure everything is perfect. Experience has taught us that even though this adds extra time to the production process, it stops mistakes from happening.

When you open up the box, that is definitely not a good time to ask you how they look.

At that point, it's too late they are already finished.

This protocol guarantees that you are going to be well pleased with the finished product.

We at T shirt Columbia MO live and die on the repeat order as well as the referral.

When it is all said and done, we want it to have been a positive experience for each of us, where we were as comfortable providing you with your screen printing and embroidery as you were having us do it for you.

  • How is your embroidery work compared to the other guys?

Our custom embroidery staff hundreds of thousands of sew outs under its belt. Excellent custom embroidery always starts with good digitizing . Modern day embroidery is all done by computer.

Once you e-mail us your image, we then turn it over to our digitizing department. They in turn create the software that will tell the computer how to sell your image. The finished logo will never be any better than the software that it originated from so this step is a vital part of the embroidery process.

There can be a tremendous difference between one company's work and another. A great software writer has the ability to create the illusion of depth by throwing the stitches in different directions.

Another thing that you might not be aware of is that garments that are round like a cap sew differently than flat goods.

For example, a T-shirt logo will not always work on a cap, but a Logo will always work on a T shirt.

If we know that you were going to consider doing some caps eventually,then we can create the image up front, where one application will cater to both.

By going about it this way, it will save you the extra expense of having to create a new version of your logo later on down the line that will work on a round surface.

  • I live in Columbia, Missouri and your company does all the production in St. Louis. Is that going to pose any type of inconvenience for me when it comes time to pick up my order?

No, not at all. If your order consists of over 24 shirts, hats, or jackets, then you will receive free shipping directly to your door.

  • What type of products do you carry?

If you go to our online catalog, you will see that we have over 2000 different types of apparel.

Our website is very easy to navigate. Just select the category that you are interested in and then you will see hundreds of results. Once you have found an item that is of interest click on it. A larger picture of that item should appear and then a description of that particular item will be listed next to it along with the color availability. If you click on one of the different colors, the larger image of that shirt should change to that particular color that you had clicked on. That being said, there is no substitute for having an actual sample of the shirt that you are considering in your hand in order that you can actually feel it. Our selection of products range from low end to designer brand and everything in the middle, none of which is right or wrong. It's all relative to what is in your budget and what kind of quality you are looking for.

  • How do you acquire the lions share of your work?

The overwhelming majority of our new customers find us on one of the three major search engines.

They put in a search term that is geared towards finding a company like ourselves. The search term custom screen printing or custom embroidery Columbia MO would be appropriate.

We also live and die with the repeat order. The same guy that needs short sleeve T-shirts now is very likely to need long sleeve tee shirts in a few months when the weather changes.

The third way we get the bulk of our work is simply by referral.

  • Who is your normal everyday customers?

Well that ranges from the guy who just needs one of something to the guy who needs 2000.

It has been our experience that the small orders are usually just as important to the buyer as the very large ones are. It's all relative. We try to prove ourselves faithful and dependable in doing the little orders in hope that they will lead to larger orders down the line.

We understand that the little guy does not necessarily have the deep pockets and unlimited resources that some of the major corporations that we deal with might have.

Therefore we give it the same respect and attention to detail as we would a larger orders.

  • Should I just entertain the thought of dealing with a local company based in Columbia Missouri?

If this was 15 years ago, the answer certainly would've been yes. However with the advantages that the Internet gives us, there is really no advantage as long as you are getting free delivery right to your door.

Everything can be done from your kitchen table.

Mike Fadem