Screen Printing

This website is owned and operated by Sunburst logo LLC.

This web site was designed to meet the tee shirt requirements of clientele located in Columbia Missouri. We provide direct to garment screen printing for over 300 different companies and organizations throughout the Midwest. Experience has taught us that although most of the jobs that we process are similar, they are all composed of different artwork and therefore they are all unique from each other. The same could be said for our clientele. Each one is looking to acquire the very best overall value possible and yet they often have a different set of circumstances. For example, some are trying to launch a fundraiser in order to raise funds for what they consider to be a worthy cause, while others might be shopping for jerseys for their softball team.

Some of our customers have very deep pockets and others are working with very limited resources. Unlike a lot of other websites, ours does not have an automatic bid reply tool. This was not an oversight on our part, but was done intentionally. We believe that communication is the first step in trying to create a scenario where you are going to be as comfortable acquiring your T-shirts from us as we are making them for you. The more we know about you and your objectives, the better chance we have of making this happen. Because we do not have a set way of doing things, our flexibility allows us to find creative ways to compliment each other and take each other places by working together in the right capacity, that we could in no way get to on our own.

Once we have presented our screen printing quote, we strongly recommend that you obtain a quote from at least two of our T-shirt printing competitors in the Columbia Missouri area in order to make sure that we are presenting the best overall value that you can acquire. After all, how would you know if you're getting the best deal that you can if you do not have anything to compare it to? Once the job is underway, we follow the exact same production protocol regardless of the size of the order or the dollar amount being spent. For example,the first thing we do is provide you with a virtual proof of your image on the same color T-shirt that you requested. Of course this adds an extra step, but it helps to ensure that everything is spelled correctly and the ink color that you have chosen shows up well against the tee shirt background. If there are any adjustments that need to be made, that is the time to address it. Believe it or not, this is not always the norm in the screen printing industry but the exception. When you open up a box of completed product that is not the right time to ask you how you like them.

Whether your order consists of 1000 T-shirts or just 1 dozen, we want you to feel like you are our most important customer. In this way, the repeat orders along with the great referrals will take care of themselves.

If you are looking for the best value possible and you live in the Columbia Mo. area, then you owe it to yourself to give us a chance to earn your business.