T-Shirt Columbia MO Testimonials

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Finally, there is a company out there that can get the job done correctly. We received our Tee shirts on time and looking fantastic . This company was as accommodating as can be. They were extremely pleasant to deal with and demonstrated a willingness to go the extra mile in seeing that our order was produced just the way we wanted it. No unforeseen hassles. We highly recommend them and will continue to use them again on the future events.

I waited entirely too long to deal with these tee shirts. We didn't even have any artwork established yet. The order was quite large and we needed a very fast turnaround. Needless to say that I was more than just a little bit concerned. W These guys jumped through all kinds of hoops in order to make sure we received our custom T-shirts on time. this company went way out of their way in order to make sure that we received our order on time and looking great! Thanks to them, the entire process could not have gone any more efficiently from start to finish.

I had never worked with this company before. They might be one of the best kept secrets in the city of Columbia Missouri, at least as far as the embroidery industry is concerned . I would not hesitate to use them again and give them a great referral.

We only were not requiring a whole lot of T-shirts this time around and they treated the order with the exact same respect and attention to detail as if it would have been a considerably larger order. You would have thought that we were there largest client.

I only needed a few dozen jackets but this custom embroidery and screen printing company made me feel as if I were their most important customer.

I could not believe how difficult that it was to locate a company that was able to reproduce my artwork from the side of my car.They came out and worked her magic and within three days it was ready for embroidery.

My best friend told me to call this company in Columbia, MO. it did not take them long to when my confidence. these guys demonstrated professionalism from start to finish.The entire process could not have gone any easier. I found these guys online while sitting at my dining room table. they have a great website that was extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. I just sent them over my logo and they emailed me back a a finished proof in order to make sure everything was perfect before they ever went to press. I very much appreciated being able to hold a completed physical sample of my completed product instead of just a virtual proof from my computer. This way there were no patents of prizes when I opened up the box of completed product. I gave them the okay and they gave me free delivery right to my door on time and looking good.

We did an Internet search for T-shirt printing Columbia Mo. and found this company. They not only gave me a quote on exactly what I asked for, but to my surprise they asked me if I would be interested in them acting as a partial sponsor? Well, in these trying economic times, we will take any help from wherever we can find it.They told me that they have a real heart for networking as well is cross promoting and they wanted to try and create a situation where both my organization as well as themselves could benefit.I sincerely appreciated that gesture. I know that we benefited greatly. I sincerely hope that it was good for them as well.

I own a small business and trying to receive the very most out of every dollar I spend is number one priority with me. When I called them up to receive a quote on some custom embroidery, they not only gave me a quote on exactly what I asked for, but they strongly recommended that I compare the quote a gave me to at least two other screen printing companies in the Columbia Mo. area in order to be certain that I was getting the very best deal and overall value that I could. They said that if you don't have anything to compare it to how do you know it's a great deal? Now that's demonstrating confidence!

I never before had a sales person suggest that I go out and get another competitive quote, so I took them up on it. As it turned out, they did give me the best overall value for my money and I ended up using them.

I had never ordered T-shirts before and the crew at T-shirt Columbia MO. could not have been more willing to help. They guided me through the entire process from hoping us to create our artwork, to applying the screen printing, I had no idea that ordering jackets could be so complicated but they're helpful staff made it seem simple.

They even provided us with a sample of every size jacket that we needed in order to make sure they fit properly.